Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Highland: A Major Problem

Heart Disease

CHD, a significant cause of poor health, is an avoidable disease, killing more than 6,000 people in the Highlands each year. The disease occurs when the blood vessels in the heart start to narrow or become clogged and are no longer capable of supplying an adequate supply of blood to one of our major organs, the heart. This causes the person to have a heart attack, angina or chest pain. n this article, we take a look at trends, possible causes and contributing factors, and health interventions.

Even though the overall death rates from CHD have declined since the 1970's in the Highlands, mortality and morbidity due to heart failure is on the rise and carries an even worse diagnosis compared to cancers. The overall quality of a person's life is significantly affected and declines rapidly with an increase in the seriousness of the condition.

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Health & Fitness Initiatives & Charities


    Tain Royal Academy Community Complex

    TRACC's goal is to actively promote the government’s health programme to encourage all community members to engage and take part in a diverse range of top quality leisure and learning experience’s to improve health.

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  • Race for Life Inverness

    Race for Life Inverness

    Race for Life is a chain of charity based running events for women only to raise money for cancer research. The Inverness course is circular and flat, it starts and finishes at Bught Park.

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  • British Heart Foundation

    British Heart Foundation

    The British Heart Foundation is a nationwide charity that provides the largest amount of funds to cardiovascular research, necessary prevention, survival activities and quality care.

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  • Helping Hearts

    Helping Hearts

    A nationwide charity that was first set up by Mr David, a Heart Surgeon, in 1967 and has been helping hearts ever since. Mr David Watson came to realise that his patients died prematurely due to limited research.

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Obesity Scotland

Like most places in the world, Scotland is experiencing an obesity epidemic and has the highest obesity levels in what is defined as OECD countries; Mexico and the USA are the only two countries in the world that have higher levels in comparison. Research shows that 26.8% of the adult population and 15.1% of children were classified as obese in 2008. Moreover, 65.1% of adults and 31.7% of children were clinically classified as being overweight in the same year. Obesity and overweight pose a real threat to the health of the Scotland’s population as well as the country’s ability to flourish socio economically die the burden of the disease.

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