Coronary Heart Disease Charities

There are two major charities in the UK that concentrate all their time and effort on funding ground-breaking research into coronary heart disease management and prevention.

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is a nationwide charity that provides the largest amount of funds to cardiovascular research, necessary prevention, survival activities and quality care. CHD is the biggest killer in the UK but the charity is fighting against it through pioneering research, which has changed peoples’ lives who live with circulatory and heart conditions.

Their goal is to see a world where people live longer and in recent months they've been analysing their strategic methods through the help and support of their stakeholders, staff and supporters. BHF's latest policy will help them fight against CHD much more effectively.

Helping Hearts

Helping Hearts

A nationwide charity that was first set up by Mr David, a Heart Surgeon, in 1967 and has been helping hearts ever since. Mr David Watson came to realise that his patients died prematurely due to a limited amount of quality research into coronary heart disease, particularly surgical interventions. On a more personal note, he got fed up of advising his patients that he could do very little to help them when he really wanted to do much more.

Since the beginning, Helping Hearts has been trying to encourage people to live happier, healthier, and longer lives at a local level through funding revolutionary medical research and assisting communities to enhance their own lifestyles by offering lucrative grants.

Heart Research UK has already financed six successful (out of 8) UK heart transplants, and continues to fund pioneering scientific research that looks into prevention, treatments and cures.

The charity gave more than £10.6m to hospital and university research projects all over the UK in the last decade, which has helped to develop new procedures and treatments that save lives or help people to manage their conditions properly.

In recent years, they've extended their work to concentrate on children, to include rehabilitation research for young people being discharged from hospital following heart surgery or else with a life-time condition, and a research project about using monitors for young babies that leave the Children's Hospital in Birmingham, providing peace of mind to all those who take care of them.

Clinicians have greatly benefited from their masterclasses, specialist training with well-known experts worldwide who have passed on their knowledge and expertise to younger doctors, nurses and health care professionals.