Health Insurance Providers in Scotland

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In the UK we do have a good health service but lately the NHS is under extreme pressure due to its funding, staffing and general maintenance issues. Many people now turn to Private Health Cover Insurance for peace of mind. We know if we have good Private Health Cover that we won't have to linger on long waiting lists when we need to see a consultant. Here we take a look at companies that offer Private Health Insurance in Scotland from the big names through to a smaller independent that offers a good deal too.

Aviva Health Insurance

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Aviva is a huge company that offers insurance to people all over the UK and beyond. Their comprehensive Health Care Plan is 5 stars Defaqto rated and ensures that patients receive speedy treatment whatever their illness may be. The network of hospitals available is nationwide with nine choices of hospital available in Scotland, while Aviva strive to find customers a cost effective policy to budget within their means.

What is Covered in The Policy?

The first thing to be aware of is that the Aviva Health Insurance Policy does not cover pre-existing conditions but does cover acute conditions that develop when the policy is already in place. Also on the list of areas covered are

  • Private Hospital Fees
  • Specialist Consultation Fees
  • Specialist Fees (there is an upper limit to these please read the policy wording)
  • X Rays Scans ECG or other Diagnostic Treatment
  • Chemotherapy Radiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic Session when Referred by a Specialist
  • Dental Surgery Carried Out in Hospital
  • Extensive Cancer Cover

Taking out a Health Insurance Policy with Aviva offers a range of benefits too that include such things as free cover for younger children when taking out cover for yourself and an older child under twenty. There is a twenty four hour GP helpline, a twenty four hour stress counselling helpline plus access to discounts and prizes such as Premier League Tickets or the chance to win a £500 voucher from Homebase. Aviva also offer a wide range of insurances such as car, home, pet and business policies.

  • Aviva
  • PO Box 4
  • Surrey Street
  • Norwich
  • NR1 3NG
  • Tele 01603 622200 or 0044 1603 604999 from abroad

Bupa Health Insurance


Bupa offers comprehensive health care insurance that can be tailored to your needs, while Bupa has private hospitals in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Bupa's polices accommodate customers uniquely as they allow you to combine areas of cover you require so tailoring their policies to suit individual needs as well as a customer's budget which is a major consideration. Everything can be done online, while the Bupa website is easy to navigate in order to choose the right plan for you.

What Will a Bupa Healthcare Policy Cover?

There are three steps to take when deciding on a policy which are selecting the correct policy, selecting the right cover options and choosing your hospitals. So what are the features of a typical Health Insurance Policy?

  • Speedy referral and access to treatment from doctors with a minimum of seven years' experience
  • A superb cancer programme that offers amazing aftercare
  • Payment for cancer drugs both old and new as long as there is evidence to support their advantage
  • Specialist support teams such as in the Mental Health sphere
  • 24 hour helpline manned by doctors and nurses
  • Customer benefits with large health linked companies plus travel and retail perks

Bupa Health policies come under two options Comprehensive or Treatment and Care. Comprehensive covers all medical costs, treatment and aftercare plus cancer cover such as chemotherapy providing your local NHS does not offer it to you. Pre-existing conditions are not covered nor are conditions arising from cosmetic surgery. Full details of exactly what is and is not covered are available at the website.

Treatment and Care policies cover patients for treatment and aftercare following diagnosis under the NHS providing you are a BUPA member. Diagnostic treatments are not covered therefore this type of cover may not be suitable for all customers.

  • Contact BUPA on 0808 159 3575

Freedom Health Insurance

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Freedom Health Insurance is not the name that immediately comes to mind when we are looking for Private Health cover but this independent company has a lot to offer! Freedom won the 2015 Health Insurance Awards gong for best customer service by a provider. A great accolade we think you'll agree! Established back in 2003 this may just be the company you are looking for to buy Private Health Insurance at a competitive price.

Freedom Private Health Polices

Freedom offers three types of health insurance policy namely Freedom Your Choice, Freedom Elite and Freedom Worldwide.

Freedom Your Choice

Customers take control with this policy as they can decide if you wish to be treated privately or through the NHS at home or abroad. Customers can take cash to pay for care on the NHS or use their policy to pay for private care. Customers may choose the hospital they wish to attend, while cancer cover is included too.

Freedom Elite

This policy allows the customer to choose what types of benefit they want. These benefits include

  • Freedom will pay medical costs directly to the hospital
  • Health insurance tailored to customers' needs
  • Full in patient annual benefit
  • No increase in premiums when a claim has been made
  • Cancer cover included

Freedom Worldwide

This policy covers customers when living abroad. There are five levels of cover available with benefits including

  • Access to top hospitals and specialists abroad
  • In patient and day patient benefits
  • International flexibility and no loss of underwriting when transferring to UK plans
  • Premiums paid in local currency of the country you are in
  • Cancer cover included

Health insurance is offered to a whole range of persons by Freedom including single people, couples, self-employed, families, single parents, professionals and those who work and live abroad. Policies start from as little as 50p per day and cover mental health issues and aftercare such as physiotherapy.

  • Freedom Healthnet Ltd
  • Bourne Gate
  • 25 Bourne Valley Road
  • Poole
  • BH12 1DY
  • Tele 0808 159 1423

Buying Private Healthcare

There are a number of things to consider when you decide to take out private health insurance the first consideration being can we actually affords to pay the premiums? Once you have a figure in mind you need to shop around. We have covered a number of the big guns in our article when it comes to taking out private healthcare plus a great independent company too but you may wish to use a comparison site to compare prices plus what individual providers offer.

Things to Check

After costs we need to make sure that we don’t already have health insurance through our workplace. It's amazing the number of employees that don’t realise their employment package includes private health insurance. Some polices ask the customer to pay for their treatment then claim the cost back from the insurance company. Can you afford to pay up front? Further features to consider include

  • Check exactly what is covered
  • Will the cost rise with age?
  • Make sure you disclose any illnesses you already have
  • Tell them if you smoke
  • Let the insurance provider know if your circumstances change
  • Contact the insurance provider before starting treatment to get the go ahead
  • Furnish the provider with an estimated cost of treatment
  • Check the treatment you seek is not immediately available on the NHS
  • Keep a record of receipts

Things Not Covered

  • Pre-existing illnesses
  • Some incurable chronic illnesses (check your policy)
  • Health expenses abroad unless otherwise stated
  • Fertility treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Treating children unless they are specified and covered under the policy

Comparison Sites

There are many comparison websites that offer a comprehensive service when it comes to looking for Health Insurance. These sites are advantageous as they have all the information together in one place for you to peruse, while you can compare costs and what's on offer at the same time. There are comparison sites that compare all types of insurance including health, while others  such as Health Insurance Compare that specifically compare health insurance. Another is Active Quote.

Personally we recommend using comparison sites to see what's on offer and compare prices. Even if you simply utilise the site for comparison purposes then go directly to the website of the company rather than via the comparison site it's still the useful way to go. Sometimes going direct to a company can be cheaper similarly buying via a comparison website can be advantageous as many offer perks to their customers or one off offers. Either way it certainly doesn't hurt to take a look and if it saves you some of your hard earned cash then all the better!

All you have to do is choose a comparison site such as Go Compare then fill in an online form to receive a number of quotes applicable to what you have said on your form. The form asks for date of birth, what you want to pay, who you wish to include in the cover etc. Once they process the information a list will be furnished of all the companies you may wish to consider with all the policy details and costs. It’s a simple as that! You may also want to go direct to insurers not on comparison sites.